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Mission Viejo HOA

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Our Purpose


The purpose of the Mission Viejo Homeowners' Association is to advance the interests of the residents and property owners of Mission Viejo, a subdivision in the city of Aurora, Colorado, County of Arapahoe, State of Colorado by maintaining the same high quality residential areas, including the enforcement of restrictive covenants, and by initiating, promoting and improving any and all matters of mutual interest, benefit, and advantage to said area and to the persons who from time to time may be residents or owners of property in said area. 

from the Articles of Incorporation for the Mission Viejo Homeowners' Association adopted and recorded on January 29th 1975. 

Xcel Roadwork to Impact Mission Viejo 

Tips for Minimizing Traffic Impacts:
This work will begin on Monday, August 1, 2016, and conclude at the beginning of October. The majority of our work will take place from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Xcel Energy is coordinating with local agencies and will comply with local traffic regulations, including the use of roadway signage for alerting drivers of such temporary road and/or lane closures.

There will be a rolling closure of the two southbound lanes of South Buckley Road at the intersection of South Buckley Road and East Quincy Road. A southbound entrance into the King Soopers shopping center will be maintained at all times.

During this time, there will be rolling sidewalk closures along the eastbound side of East Quincy Road as needed. Three bus stops will have to be closed during this work. We are working with RTD to ensure continued service to the area.

24-hour work during August 11-15
During this time, the two southbound lanes of South Buckley Road and one northbound lane of South Buckley road will be impeded. Traffic will be detoured through the southeast parking lot of Target. During this time, there pedestrians will be unable to cross South Buckley Road at East Quincy Road along the eastbound side.

We apologize for any delays or inconvenience this may cause. Please encourage your HOA residents to consider alternative routes in or out of this area during construction hours.

What to Expect:
The electric cables and associated equipment that will be replaced are typically located along arterial roads and in existing utility easements. The work will involve directional boring (which is less invasive than trenching) and crews will excavate around switch cabinets and underground vaults. Care will be taken to repair and/or replace any landscaping, concrete or asphalt disturbed during our work to its pre-construction state.

Contact Us:
If you or your HOA members have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or our project leaders directly:

Mary Peters: mary.peters@xcelenergy.com or 303-424-3722

Tyler McGrath: tyler.l.mcgrath@xcelenergy.com or 303-571-3385

Xcel Energy sincerely appreciates your cooperation and patience as we work to replace this electric cable so we may improve our service to you.


Tom Henley
Area Manager,
Community and Local Government Affairs
2070 S. Valentia St.
Denver CO 80231
PHONE: 303-671-3901
CELL: 720-333-1844 FAX: 303-671-3813
E-MAIL: tom.henley@xcelenergy.com<mailto:tom.henley@xcelenergy.co

See: https://www.xcelenergy.com/

Next HOA Meeting:  August 9, 2016 - 6:30pm at Holy Love Church

Dues in Lieu of Trash Program


For those not wanting to be in the HOA Membership/Trash Program,  Mission Viejo Homeowners' Association Inc. dues are only $30 per year. Please help sustain your voluntary HOA organization dedicated to improving and retaining high property values. Mail your check today along with this membership information form to:

Mission Viejo Homeowners' Association Inc.

4255 S. Buckley Road, #110

Aurora, CO 80013-2951

or try our on-line dues payment    by clicking HERE

Join Our Membership/Mission Viejo Trash Program!


The Mission Viejo HOA Membership/Trash Program provides "single stream recycling" to our residents under a voluntary single-hauler trash program.

Please click HERE to sign up for the program.  Sign up today! 

Call Pro Disposal if you have any questions:303-791-3827.

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