Mission Viejo 

Where "Home" is a "Hometown" again.


Annual Meeting

The 2019 Annual Meeting of the Mission Viejo HOA is scheduled for Monday, January 14, 2019, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Mission Viejo Elementary School.

All residents are invited to attend. We will have brief presentations from a number of guest speakers including Scott Campbell of the City of Aurora Neighborhood Services, zoning and parking code enforcement officers and representatives from the Aurora Police Department. Council Member Françoise Bergan has also been invited as has Mission Viejo Elementary School Principal Andre Pearson.

A printed annual report will be available for pickup as will the new 2019 discount cards for members of the HOA.

Presently there are four persons who are eligible to serve again on the Board in 2019. Tia Burns-Davis and Rich Yeager have both served a partial year in 2018. Both are eligible for election to two year terms. Brenda Tompkins and Elaine Lay will have completed two year terms in January and are eligible to be reelected again for two year terms. According to the bylaws, seven members constitute a full Board. Anyone who would like to serve on the Board should to contact any member of the Board or the President (President@missionviejohoa.org ). Candidates will be asked to submit a biographical sketch and photo. We’d like to know why you’d like to serve and what your particular areas of interest would be. Anyone is welcome to attend Board meetings as a visitor.

Voting at the 2019 Annual Meeting

The Board has again elected to conduct on-line voting. HOA members (as defined as participants in the Pro-Disposal Trash Program, by paying the annul dues of $30 or by serving as an HOA volunteer as recorded on a roster maintained by the Board) will be sent a post card in December to their address of record. This postcard will explain the on-line voting process and will include a unique identifier that must be entered on the voting website. Members can only vote once and can vote for any or all candidates. Once your vote has been recorded, the unique identifier is cancelled and cannot be used again. You will also be able to vote at the Annual meeting on a computer provided. You should bring your postcard with the unique identifier. We will also have a listing of the unique identifiers provided by the voting company. If you are not a member but join the night of the annual meeting, you will not be able to vote electronically but could vote by paper ballot. The biographies of the four Board candidates can be found HERE

The proposed 2019 budget to be adopted by the members:

Click HERE for a copy of the proposed 2019 budget

In an effort to reduce the cost of electronic voting in future years, please provide your e-mail address to: AnnualMeeting@missionviejohoa.org. We will only send you an e-mail pertaining to the Annual Meeting and voting.

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