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2021 Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting, January 18, 2021.

The Annual Meeting of the mission Viejo HOA is scheduled for Monday, January 18, 2020, at 7:00 p.m.  It will be held virtually using Zoom Technology All residents are invited to attend by clicking on this link   HERE

Proposed 2021 Annual Budget can be found HERE.

Minutes (Draft) from the 2020 Annual meeting are available for review by clicking HERE.

Annual Report can be viewed by clicking HERE.

To request 2021 discount card please contact President@missionviejohoa.org

 Presently there are four persons who are eligible to continue serving on the Board in 2021. Elaine Lay, Tia Davis-Burns, Colettte Bowdish and Sonia Deutsch are eligible for election to two year terms.  According to the bylaws, seven members constitute a full Board. We still have one vacancy.  Anyone who would like to serve on the Board should to contact any member of the Board or the President (President@missionviejohoa.org ). Anyone is welcome to attend Board meetings as a visitor.

Voting at the 2020 Annual Meeting

Vote by clicking HERE.

The Board has decided to use Survey Monkey to conduct on-line voting by members for the 2021 annual meeting. HOA members are those who pay $30 a year in annual dues, or are registered volunteers serving the HOA or are participants in the Waste Connection Trash Program.  Members should go to the HOA Home Page www.missionviejohoa.org  Member can only vote once and can vote for any or all candidates.

You will be asked to vote to approve the minutes from last year's annual meeting found on the link above and ratify the proposed budget as found at the link above.  Biographies of the four candidates can be found in the January 2021 newsletter and below.

Voting will begin on January 2nd and be closed on January 18 at noon. We will not be voting during the virtual annual meeting. 

The candidate information is this text:

ELAINE LAY - Eligible for re-election having served several more than two years on the Board.

i have served on the Mission Viejo HOA board from 2008-2010 and again from 2017 to 2020. I love living in Mission Viejo! The reason that I am om the board is that I want our neighborhood to continue to be a place we are proud to call home.  I also want it to be a welcoming place and I enjoy being on the committee that welcomes new people to Mission Viejo.  You probably haveseen me carrying Adopt-A-Street bags around the neighborhood picking up trash.  I am always looking foe helpers!  I also help take care of the garden in the park because I love flowers and the other people that help with that fun job.  I like writing articles for the newsletter and also deliver the newsletter.  A big part of my retired life is Mission Viejo community.

TIA DAVIS-BURNS – Eligible for re-election having served two years on the Board. 

My name isTia Davis-Burns, my husband Jason and I have 3 children, two daughters ages 14 and 11 and a son age 3.   We bought our home in the neighborhood in 2018. I work full time teaching life skills to high school students and young adults in various communities. My interests lie in education, empowerment and personal development. I tend to “collect” tweens and teens, so they are my favorite people. For fun, I hang out with my children doing pretty much whatever they want to do. I do furniture rehabbing projects in my limited spare time. Reasons for continuing to serve on the HOA Board: 1) I like to be involved & be in the know; 2) We live here, and plan on staying for a while so we need to know our neighbors; 3) I want to implement ideas of how we can be an engaging and fun neighborhood and create the COMMUNITY that I want for my family; and 4) The more neighbors that get involved and make positive improvements to our community and their homes the more desirable our neighborhoods and community become (increased property values don’t hurt). I’d like to take on more of a Community Engagement role as my time with the board progresses.

COLETTE BOWDISH – Eligible for election having been appointed by the Board in 2020.

My name is Colette Bowdish.  My husband, David, and I moved to Mission Viejo in 1973.  Our house was brand new and no one had lawns, just dirt!!  There were no houses to the south and west of us.  We own and operate Bastiens’ restaurant, which my grandfather started in 1937.  I taught for a short time, then went to work For the Veterans’ Administration, retiring after 30 years.   I joined the board as an emergency fill-in.  I would like to continue serving on the board because I think I can help our community remain a place where people love to live their lives, raise their children, walk their dogs, grow their gardens, etc. 

SONIA DEUTSCH - Eligible for election having been appointed by the Board in 2020.

onia Deutsch worked as a physician in Peru before moving to the US. She decided to move to Colorado where she found in Mission Viejo her forever home. She started working as a Researcher at University of Colorado Hospital, then she began working at Denver Health & Hospital Authority as a Research Projects Coordinator for Clinical Trials in Oncology. Currently as a Clinical Trials Research Manager, she has been managing many Clinical Trials in cancer treatment, and a couple of Clinical Trials for COVID-19.

In her free time, she enjoys working out. She always finds time to spend time with her family, and she loves to do gardening with her mom in summer and baking in winter.

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