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Annual Meeting

Minutes (Draft) from the 2020 Annual meeting are available for review by clicking HERE.

Annual Meeting agenda available for review by clicking HERE.

Annual Meeting, January 13, 2020.

The Annual Meeting of the mission Viejo HOA is scheduled for Monday, January 13, 2020, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Mission Viejo Elementary School.  All residents are invited to attend to receive the annual report from the Board of Directors.  We will also have brief presentations from a number of City of Aurora officials, including Scott Campbell of Aurora Neighborhood Services, Barry Dombrowski, Senior Code Enforcement Officer, our Area 24 PAR officer, and representatives from the City of Aurora Library. Mission Viejo Elementary School Principal Andre Pearson and Pro Disposal liaison Cathlyn Depaiva will be attending.    A printed annual report will be available for pickup as will be the new 2020 discount cards.

A printed annual report will be available for pickup as will the new 2020 discount cards for members of the HOA.

Presently there are three persons who are eligible to serve again on the Board in 2020. Barbara Ferris, Twila Filipiak and Dave Goss are eligible for election to two year terms.  According to the bylaws, seven members constitute a full Board. We still have one vacancy.  Anyone who would like to serve on the Board should to contact any member of the Board or the President (President@missionviejohoa.org ). Candidates will be asked to submit a biographical sketch and photo. We’d like to know why you’d like to serve and what your particular areas of interest would be. Anyone is welcome to attend Board meetings as a visitor.


Voting at the 2020 Annual Meeting

The Board has again elected to conduct on-line voting by members for the 2020 annual meeting. HOA members are those who pay $30 a year in annual dues, are registered volunteers serving the HOA or are participants in the Pro-Disposal Trash Program.  Members will be mailed a postcard or sent an email soliciting your votes.  The postcard and email will explain the on-line voting process and will include a unique identifier that must be entered on the voting website.  Members can only vote once and can vote for any or all candidates.  You will also be asked to vote to approve the minutes from last year’s annual meeting found on the link above and ratify the prosed 2020 budget.  Biographies of the three candidates can be found in the January 2020 newsletter and on the HOA website www.missionviejohoa.org.


Once your vote has been recorded, the unique identifier is canceled and cannot be used again.  You will also be able to vote at the annual meeting on December 13 at Mission Viejo Elementary School.  You can bring your postcard or email to the meeting where we will have computers set up to record your vote.  Just bring proof of residence and membership as described above.  If you are not a member of the HOA but want to vote, you can pay your annual dues that evening and cast your vote using a paper ballot at the school. 


The candidate information is this text:


Barbara Ferris - Barbara and her husband Rich (our HOA Webmaster) have lived in Mission Viejo for 39 years.  Their children went to Mission Viejo Elementary School and over time, Barbara volunteered in the classroom and was a Girl Scout troop leader.  She is retired from medical practice and has served as Secretary on the board in 2019.  She has volunteered in various community activities, and has planned this year’s annual hayride and is coordinating the traffic calming submittal to the City of Aurora.  We look forward to having Barbara served another two-year term.


Twila Filipiak and her wife Erin have lived in Mission Viejo for 3 years. They are mothers to nine year old twins and two more babies have recently joined the family! Twila is an assistant principal at a middle school in North Aurora. She has proudly worked in education for 22 years in and outside of Colorado. Twila would be thrilled to represent Mission Viejo as an HOA board member if elected


Dave Goss - Dave and his wife Joann have lived in Mission Viejo since 1993 and most recently Dave has served as President of the HOA.  A Colorado native, Dave remembers when this part of Aurora was farmland with dirt roads and few services.  The tremendous growth in the Denver area has allowed Mission Viejo to be a special place to live.  He has enjoyed his time serving on the board and would like the opportunity to serve a second two-year term, if elected. 


My name is Jonathan Taylor.  I’ve been a Mission Viejo resident since May of 2018.  My wife, Beth and I are proud parents of a 9 yr. old boy named Miles.  I was lucky enough to open my own insurance agency in our neighborhood as well!  I am looking forward to the opportunity of bringing some new ideas for community involvement and communication to the Mission Viejo community!

The proposed 2020 budget to be adopted by the members:

Click HERE for a copy of the proposed 2020 budget

In an effort to reduce the cost of electronic voting in future years, please provide your e-mail address to: AnnualMeeting@missionviejohoa.org. We will only send you an e-mail pertaining to the Annual Meeting and voting.

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