Mission Viejo 

Where "Home" is a "Hometown" again.


Contact Us

E-mail the current Board of Directors for any questions: Please provide us with a phone number if you would like us to contact you regarding the matter of concern. Please let us know what you would like to discuss, so that we can have the subject matter expert address these concerns or obtain answers to some or all of your questions before communicating with you via phone. You are always welcome to communicate with the board at our monthly meeting. Click HERE for date and time of our meeting.

Nazareth Escobedo  - President - president@missionviejohoa.org

Iris Gorelik  - Vice President - vicepresident@missionviejohoa.org

Benjamin Baker  - Secretary - secretary@missionviejohoa.org

Brenda Tompkins  - Treasurer - treasurer@missionviejohoa.org

Deb Kirschbaum  - Member-at Large - debkirschbaum@missionviejohoa.org

Pat Kraft  - Member-at Large - patkraft@missionviejohoa.org

Byron Taylor  - Member-at Large - byron.taylor@missionviejohoa.org


Thank you for visiting our website. Feel free to contact any of the Board members above if you have any questions.