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Neighborhood Watch

Every neighborhood in Aurora is encouraged to have a Neighborhood Watch Program. The Mission Viejo Neighborhood Watch program meets regularly and has an e-mail list of crime incidents. For information and to sign up for the e-mail list contact our Neighborhood Watch coordinator Tom Tobiassen. E-Mail - neighborhoodwatch@missionviejohoa.org

Through the Neighborhood Watch citizens learn: 

  • Techniques to reduce the risk of being victimized. 
  • How to recognize and report suspicious activity. 
  • How to make homes more secure and properly identify property. 
  • How to maintain the appearance of the neighborhood.
  •  How to combat apathy in the neighborhood. 

A Neighborhood Watch program is not: 

  • A citizen vigilante group. 
  • A program that encourages personal risk. 
  • A guarantee that crime will not occur in a community. 

Why Should a Community Have a Neighborhood Watch Program?

It helps develop a sense of community among residents. Improves quality of life, reducing fear of crime and making the neighborhood more livable. Provides a forum to address community and criminal issues. Reduces the risk of residents becoming crime victims. Prepares citizens to respond to suspicious activity. Adds to the overall security of the neighborhood.


Sign Up for Crime Reports


Crime Reports is a great web site that connects individuals, law enforcement agencies and community groups at the local level. Stay in touch with your neighbors and take an active role in making your community safer.

To join click on the following links: 


Learn more and sign up for free.

Learn more and sign up for free.


Checkout my neighborhood:


With Crime Reports.com you can:

• Search and view crime activity in your area on the CrimeReports map.

• Create or join neighborhoods and invite your friends and neighbors to join too.

• Receive messages and alerts from your local law enforcement.

• Send tips and information about crimes to your local law enforcement.

To get other up-to-date information on the program please contact Tom Tobiassen. E-Mail - neighborhoodwatch@missionviejohoa.org

Aurora Police Area Representative (PAR) Officer.  

The PAR Officer can be reached at the same PAR Area – 

Desk: 303-627-3176

APD Dispatch is 303-627-3100

Emergencies dial 9-1-1


Call or Write our PAR Officer - Jason Moore

if you have any questions

Aurora Police Department

PAR - District 3 Area 24 23911 E Arapahoe Rd, Aurora, CO 80016, Office - 303-627-3176, Fax - 303-627-3155

Email: jmoore@auroragov.org


Tom Tobiassen

Mission Viejo Neighborhood Watch
3743 S Helena Way
Aurora, CO 80013
Cell: 303-915-2351
email: Tom.Tobiassen@rtd-denver.com