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Mission Viejo is Now Offering Replacement Wall Brick!

Discount for Mission Viejo Members!


The Mission Viejo HOA is now offering these blocks to Mission Viejo HOA members* at nearly a 20% discount

Since our blocks are being stored with the cooperation and assistance of Seville Townhomes HOA, to place an order and pick up your

blocks, you must first contact us at 720-443-0462 or e-mail us at missionblocks@missionviejohoa.org to make an appointment.


Non-member, non-discounted at-cost price:

Member discount price (limited time):


6”X6”X16” Standard Blocks:








8”X6”X16” Extended Blocks








8”X4”X16” Cap Blocks








*Mission Viejo members are defined in our Bylaws in Classes A-D with standing as shown through payment of annual dues/donation, a recognized volunteer or a paid participant in our Trash/Recycling Program.