Mission Viejo 

Where "Home" is a "Hometown" again.


Press Releases

News (Press) Releases (all files in PDF format)

Mission Viejo Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

Release September 1, 2012

Mission Viejo HOA Files Suit Over Library Contract

Release December 14, 2009

Mission Viejo Library Media Statement Advisory

Release November 23, 2009

Mission Viejo Library's Broken Agreement

Release November 19, 2009

Mission Viejo Unveils New Trash Program

Release April 19, 2008

Mission Viejo Community History Web Site

Release December 17, 2007

35th Anniversary Celebration Event

Release September 1, 2007

Mission Viejo Community Receives Recognition

Release May 11, 2007

Mission Viejo Celebrates Its 35th Anniversary with Exhibit from California 

Release January 1, 2007

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