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The remodeling section provides links on home improvement and general guidelines for help in maintaining your Mission Viejo Home.

All improvements must comply with the existing Mission Viejo Covenants.

Please review the covenant restrictions for your filing by clicking here.

In general it is suggested that unique design elements such as exterior wood beams, false balconies, shutters, split rail fences and any original rock or brick materials should be maintained for all residences. These distinctive features and finishes help to characterize the properties and should be preserved.

New additions, exterior alterations, or related new construction should not destroy the original materials that characterize the property. New work should be differentiated from the old and should be compatible with the massing, size, scale, and architectural features to protect the integrity of the property and its environment.

The Mission Viejo HOA has also published a series of Maintenance/Rennovation/Remodeling Briefs on specific topics which are reprints of articles appearing in our Mission Viejo Reporter Newsletter:


Issue 1. Concrete and Sympathy of Design

Issue 2. Finding the Right Contractor

Issue 3. Beams and Rafters

Issue 4. Aluminum and Vinyl Siding


Mission Viejo is Now Selling Replacement Wall Brick!

Discount for Mission Viejo Members!


The Mission Viejo HOA purchased over 800 bricks from Angelus Block Company in Indio California. These bricks are nearly the same color and size that make up nearly all the brick walls along the right-of-ways in our community. According to City ordinances, residents who back up to the major right-of-ways that have these walls or columns are responsible for their maintenance and care. The City requires replacement blocks to match the same color and size blocks that exist now. These blocks however are normally unavailable locally unless by special order. Mission Viejo HOA is offering these blocks at a discount to our residents* to help repair and replace missing or damaged blocks to ensure a consistent look and maintain the integrity to our walls.

Since our blocks are being stored with the cooperation and assistance of Seville Townhomes HOA, to place an order and pick up your blocks, you must first contact us by e-mail at president@missionviejohoa.org to make arrangements to pick up blocks.


Non-member, non-discounted at-cost price:

Member discount price (limited time):


6”X6”X16” Standard Blocks:



Market Pricing sbject to Availability



Market Pricing sbject to Availability


8”X6”X16” Extended Blocks



Market Pricing sbject to Availability



Market Pricing sbject to Availability


8”X4”X16” Cap Blocks



Market Pricing sbject to Availability



Market Pricing sbject to Availability


*Mission Viejo members are defined in our Bylaws in Classes A-D with standing as shown through payment of annual dues/donation, a recognized volunteer or a paid participant in our Trash/Recycling Program.