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Trash Program

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Membership/Trash/Recycling Program


The Mission Viejo HOA have a agreement with Pro Disposal Inc. to provide trash and recycling collection to all residential homes in the community as the primary way to join your homeowner's association. 

Together we believe this agreement provides all Mission Viejo resident’s the advantage of having a discount for all residents.  Secondly, it preserves our City owned asphalt streets, by having only one company come through the community one day a week, as opposed to several companies every day of the week.  A third advantage is the HOA’s efforts to help reduce overall neighborhood traffic and to be more environmentally conscience. 

Any questions please call Pro Disposal Inc. at 303-791-3827. Pro Disposal Inc. is a locally owned and operated company.

Pricing for this agreement is $76.20 for our 4 month billing or $209.55 for yearly billing (this equates to one free month of service a year). This price includes Trash and single stream recycling.

Each week you are entitled to put out eight (8) cans or bags of household garbage and six (6) bags or tied bundles of branches of yard waste each week. Single stream recycling allows all recyclables to be placed in one container (of your choice) with recycling occurring every other week. Recyclable items must be separated from your regular household trash on the other side of your driveway.

This program offers state-of-the-art trash service for its participants that includes "single stream recycling". This provides you, the homeowner, with the opportunity to put all your recyclables together into the same labeled container of your choice. Recyclable items still must be separated from your regular household trash, but you do not have to separate paper, bottles, cans, and other items. Recycling will be picked up every other week along with your regular trash pick up. Why not join your neighbors in the Mission Viejo Trash Program? Once 775  participants sign-up, a very small portion ($2 a month) of your trash fee will help support the Mission Viejo HOA. Your participation will be considered as full membership in the Association. Together with this program we can help the environment and our community!

Residents are solely responsible for canceling any of their own previous trash service agreements and making payment for any outstanding services. 



Please Sign-up Today!!  See Below (Open to all residential homes within the Mission Viejo community including Quincy Creek).  Sign-up via the web (below) or Print and Fill Out The Form 


Click HERE for the form. (.pdf)

Mail the form and/or check  to:

Pro-Disposal Inc. at 10100 East 102nd Avenue Henderson, CO 80640-8492

or Fax it to:

Pro-Disposal at 303-289-4374

Please make checks payable to Pro-Disposal Inc.

Click HERE for the Recycling Calendar

Sign Up for Trash E-Mail Alerts, Click HERE


Observed Holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day


The following information is intended to assist residents utilizing “Single Stream” curbside recycling collection program. Additional information is provided below regarding how materials should be placed at the curb on recycling collection days.  

Pro Disposal Inc. Acceptable Recycle Items:

Newspapers Envelopes
Corrugated Cardboard Manuals w/glue bindings
Any Colored Paper Paperboard (cereal boxes, mac-n-cheese, boxes)
File Folders Shredded Paper (please contain)
Magazines Books
Brochures & Pamphlets Junk Mail
Computer Printouts Coated Paper
Carbonless Receipts Phone Books

Note: Wire and plastic spirals, staples, post-it notes, paper clips, and stamps, do not need to be removed before recycling.

Plastics: Plastics # 1 - 7 (water bottles, shampoo/conditioner, milk jugs) Plastics Shopping Bags

Glass: Bottles or Jars of any shape or color

Cans: Steel & Aluminum (labels do not need to be removed)

Recyclable items must be separated from your regular household trash on the other side of your driveway.

Payment Options: Checks and Autopay

Pro Disposal staff are available Monday - Friday to take credit card payments over the phone, they process these payment at no additional cost to their customers.

Pro Disposal is locally owned and operated
Pro is a proud Colorado company since 1999
Pro Disposal has no hidden fees, no surcharges, no extra fees, no contracts
Pro Disposal puts the lids back on the empty containers correctly
Pro Disposal has state of the art, top of the line equipment that isn't going to leak on your streets

The goal of Pro-Disposal is to provide the best customer service that we can at the most affordable prices

General Reminders:

To avoid any interruption in your weekly trash service, please remit your payment by the due date listed on your invoice. A $25.00 fee will be assessed on any returned checks, $10.00 late fee may be added to any past due invoices and a $20.00 early cancellation fee my be applied to early termination of your service.


If you provide Pro-Disposal with your credit card number your account will be charged each time a bill is due. There are no additional fees for this service. 

Call Pro-Disposal at 303-791-3827 or click HERE to sign up for this service (Secure website).

Trash and Recycling Program FAQ’s

Q: Why do we have a neighborhood  trash program run through the HOA?

A: Right now in our HOA we still  have multiple trash companies on our streets, picking up on different days of the week. Everyone pays for their own service and there is absolutely no benefit to our HOA. We are trying to set this up so that we have one trash company on your street, one day a week and there is a partnership, with financial benefits for the HOA, for improvements within our community.

Q: What are the financial benefits that are mentioned for the Mission Viejo HOA?

A: The monthly charge for service is $19.05 a month, per member, billed every four months, for a total charge of $76.20 per four month billing or $209.55 a year (with one month free). The breakdown is as follows. $17.06 of this each month is for Pro Disposal Inc. to pay for the service. They return $2.00 for every member in the HOA participating in the program once 775 residents are signed-up and paying. With 2,067 homes in our HOA, the total return to help fund various projects within the HOA could be as high as $4,134.00 per month, or $49,608.00 per year.

Q: How well is our Community funded right now?

A: Our treasury has very little money to do anything to make improvements within our community.

Q: What would our HOA do with this extra money?

A: The money will be used to support such things as neighborhood events, community clean-up efforts, entrance way improvements, a monthly or quarterly newsletter, facilitation of covenant violations and general administration costs or whatever projects the community would like to see these funds earmarked for.

Q: Why should I care or do anything about this?

A: Remember the purpose of this program is two fold. 1) This new program will reduce truck traffic on our streets on a daily basis. It will also minimize all of us having to look at garbage every day of the week, minimize trash blowing around our neighborhood. Give us an excellent trash service and recycling program. 2) Secondly, we have formed a partnership with the trash service provider that allows us to put some of the revenues that come from the pickup charges back into our community for improvements which supports your property values. Simply put; there are many positives to this program and literally no down side.

Q: How much garbage can I put out for that rate?

A: Each week you are entitled to put out eight (8) cans or bags of household garbage and six (6) bags or tied bundles of branches of yard waste each week. That’s a lot of service for the money.

Q: Is there a recycling program also included?

A: Yes. It is the latest most up to date program called the “single stream” program. This means that the containers (aluminum, tin, glass and plastic bottles) and paper (newspapers, phone book, magazines, cardboard boxes) can all go into one container together for recycling.  

Q: Is there any reason this won’t happen?

A: No. the program is a reality.

Q: How long is the monthly rate good for?

A:  The program started in 2009 and the rate from Pro Disposal Inc. is guaranteed for the 1st  year of the program or until March 2010. We have secured an extended 3 year agreement with caps for year two (2) of no more than a $1.00 a month increase and $1.00 a month in year three (3). Given the price of fuel, disposal, labor and health care increases, we feel that this is a pretty good deal. However the HOA portion will always be set at just $2 a month. 

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One Mission - One Truck Ambassador Campaign

 Earn Free Trash Service at a Discount Price!!

Be a program ambassador or talk to your neighbor who is in the program today! Make friends and you will both save money!

By participating in the HOA Membership/Trash and Recycling Program through Pro-Disposal Inc., our HOA has been able to do so many things including taking legal actions to save our library,  weed control and tree trimming along exterior and center right-of-ways. neighborhood events, clean-ups, entrance sign maintenance, our website and so much more. Now through December 31, 2014: If you know of a resident who has not been a Mission Viejo Pro-Disposal customer within the past 6 months you can earn free trash and recycling service – that's right, Free, trash service!!

Here's how -  Pro-Disposal Inc. will provide one free month of service to existing Mission Viejo participants who refer new enrollee’s to our program. There is no limit to the number of referrals existing paid Pro-Disposal customers may make. So please be one of our Membership/Trash program ambassadors! The credit you earn can save you money on your next trash and recycling bill.

For the new customer, a bonus incentive is that if you sign up and pre-pay for one year of service the new customer will receive an additional FREE month of trash and recycling service. With all these incredible incentive – the HOA hopes the program grows significantly. Why wait? Refer someone today! Everyone wins!

Pricing for this special referral campaign is only $76.20 for our 4 months billing or $190.50 for yearly billing. For the yearly billing that equates to $15.88 per month. We feel you can't beat that price or the added service from Pro-Disposal. Sign up to our trash program today, via the web at www.missionviejohoa.org/Trash_Program.html or fill out the newsletter sign-up coupon and mail it today or call 303-791-3827.

If you were refereed to by an existing Mission Viejo Pro-Disposal customer please provide that name and their address on the sign-up coupon, web form or when you call.

Also remember all HOA dues paying or trash participant members can receive discounts at our neighborhood ColdStone Creamery and Jumpoline by showing your HOA membership card!